Roland Ulbricht


Photo of me near Skógafoss in Iceland


My name is Roland and on this website I share my thoughts and stories of my life.

I work in the field of information technology as an IT Architect and Manager. My work involves helping large organizations evolve their future IT landscape using cloud technologies as well as implementing those strategies in complex software development projects.

My interest for IT goes back to my early youth when I started using computers and made first attempts at programming and creating websites on the early web. Since then I acquired a master’s degree in Business Informatics from the Vienna University of Technology and I have worked in nearly all areas of software development from product ownership over programming and quality assurance to project management.

Recently I am most interested in learning about cloud technologies, Python programming and self-hosting services.

Apart from IT…

I live in Austria, Europe. I love to travel to learn about other cultures and enjoy the beauty of nature. I try to stay fit and healthy through good food, yoga, walking, hiking, swimming, bicycling, and other activities.

All kinds of machines which allow people to move fascinate me - for example bikes, cars, airplanes, or spacecraft. Flying is my passion and I am a licensed private pilot.

I am also interested in improving my habits and self-organization as well as learning about coordination of teams. I enjoy science fiction movies and audio books. My favorite computer game genres are strategy and adventure.


I believe that improving the world is everyone’s responsibility. In my opinion, the objectives should be maximizing individual freedom while supporting those who are in need, protecting nature, as well as sustainable growth through the use of technologies.

Computers play an important role in our lives, therefore the core of the technology we use should run on free (libre) software which can be inspected and improved independently. In my opinion the biggest challenges for IT at the moment are ensuring privacy, security and the safe use of AI.

Expansion to other planets will be an important step in making humanity safer and expanding our possibilities. I am looking forward to more progress in this field.

I believe that animals deserve to live in peace away from humans, therefore I choose a vegan lifestyle. Besides the welfare of animals, this is also healthy, good for the environment, and reduces the chances of pandemics.

This website

One of the original goals of the world wide web was to allow people to have their own websites to express themselves and share ideas. Like most personal bloggers, I don’t publish a lot, but I like to have my own platform to do so when I want to.

I started this website in 1999 and it went through many iterations since then. The latest version of the site (which you are seeing right now) is generated using the jekyll static website generator.