Roland Ulbricht

Language learning in Beijing in February 2009


This February I wanted to try something completely new: I went to Beijing for a month to see China and improve my Mandarin skills.

I stayed from 1 February to 28 February. I lived in Chaoyang District which is just one of many districts of Beijing, but it’s still much larger than Vienna. During the weekdays I studied at the Mandarin House Chinese School (which is a really good school in my opinion). In the afternoons, evenings and during the weekends I did tours to all the tourist places and different parts of the city.

I thought about going to Shanghai or Haerbin for a weekend, but I decided against it as I had so little time there anyway.

Beijing truly is a huge and interesting city and I hope to see more of China in the future. 

Posted: 2009-03-07; Tags: travel